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Charlie Chaplin - BBC World Service

Updated: May 5, 2023

Back in May 2013 I started working on Taschen's The Charlie Chaplin Archives edited by Paul Duncan. This was an amazing project for which I had to trace Chaplin's life from birth through to 1915/16 for the first three chapters of the book which covered his early life/stage career, his first year in Hollywood at Keystone and this second year at Essanay before handing over to other researchers/writers.

Following this I have given a number of talk on Chaplin's early career, his reception in the British Press, his attitude towards money, what he did (didn't do!) during the First World War etc... Get in touch if you'd like to book me for a talk, list of topics here.

And now you can hear me on BBC World Service's The Forum in a special looking at the career of Charlie Chaplin. Hosted by Bridget Kendall, Donna Kornhaber, Paul Duncan I explore Chaplin's world: the films that made him famous, the people who helped him become a star, and the hidden depths and contradictions behind the slapstick humour.

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