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Lads of the Village: from stage to screen to court

British Silent Film Symposium, Kings College London, April 2018

Making Progress on Progress Films
British Silent Film Symposium, Kings College London, April 2017

Face 2 Face: An examination of the creator and creation in films featuring plastic surgery

(Dis)Connected Forms - Narratives on the Fractured Self Conference, University of Hull, September 2016

Charlie Chaplin and World War One
University of Chichester Research Conference, July 2016

Charlie Chaplin in the British Press
British Silent Film Symposium, Kings College London, April 2016

Alice in Wonderland, a Gothic Perspective

St Mary's University Research Conference, March 2016


Which Way? Film Adaptations of Alice in Wonderland
Wonderlands: Reading/Writing/Telling Fairy Tales and Fantasy Conference, Sussex Centre for Folklore, Fairytales & Fantasy, University of Chichester, May 2015

Making a Living: Charlie Chaplin's Finances 1906 – 1916

The Tramp at 100 Conference

Bologna, June 2014



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Film Directors and Stars

Al Pacino - Alice Guy-Blache - Alfred Hitchcock - Andrea Arnold - Ang Lee - Audrey Hepburn - Baz Luhrmann - Billy Wilder - Charlie Chaplin - Clio Barnard - Coen Brothers -  Deniz Gamze Ergüven - Dorothy Arznar - Dorothy Davenport - Frank Capra - Ida Lupino - Jean-Luc Godard - F W Murnau - Fritz Lang - Howard Hawks - Jafar Panahi - Jane Campion - Joan Morgan - Kathryn Bigelow - Ken Loach - Kevin Smith - Leni Riefenstahl - Lois Weber - Lynne Ramsay - Marilyn Monroe - Martin Scorsese - Mike Figgis - Nell Shipman - Francois Truffaut - Mira Nair - Orson Welles - Pedro Almodovar - Quentin Tarantino - Robert de Niro - Roman Polanski - Sally Potter - Stephen Frears - Steven Soderbergh - Steven Spielberg - Terry Gilliam - Tim Burton

Film Genres

Bio-Pics - Comedy - Crime - Documentary - Film Noir - Genre Overview - Gothic - Holocaust - Horror - James Bond - Musical - Sci-Fi - War - Western


General Film

1939 (the best year?) - Artists on Film - Auteur - Blockbuster - Censorship/Classification - Cinemagoing - Fans and Fandom - Film Form - Gender - Independent Cinema - Hollywood 1967-1977 - Marketing - Objectification - Plastic Surgery (films featuring) - Shocking Cinema - Silent Cinema - Spectatorship - Stars - Studio System - Studying Film - Women film directors


From page to screen

​Literary Adaptations Overview - Jane Austen: overview or individual titles - Macbeth - Taming of the Shrew - Alice in Wonderland - ​Les Liaison Dangereuses - Stephen King - Wuthering Heights - Dracula - The Phantom of the Opera - Frankenstein - Gothic Overview


International Film

Australia - British  - Dogme95 -  French New Wave - German 2nd World War - German Expressionism - Iranian -  Italian Neo Realism


How Films are Made

Cinematography - Costume and Make Up - Editing - Mise en Scene - Music - Performance - Screenwriting - Sound - Stunts - Special Effects


TV Genres

Costume - Crime - Documentary (from both theoretical and 'making-of' perspective) - Fantasy - Reality TV - Vampire