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Cinemas Near Me: Hamburg, Rotterdam, Bruges

Updated: May 26, 2023

Whenever I visit a new town or city, I am keen to combine my love of film and cinema with exploring places off the beaten track. This may be hunting out film locations, museums or art aglleries with a film connection or to ask my phone to tell me about "cinemas near me" which often reveals some hidden treasures.

A recent cruise with three stop off destinations: Hamburg, Rotterdam and Bruges led to some lovely cinema and film discoveries.


You may also be interested in Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburg: amongst the marvellous minature displays you may spot the Venice Film Festival.


You may also like the Dutch Pinball Museum, Rotterdam which has dozens of film and music themed pinball machines that you can play, and lots of film memorabilia decorating the place.

Rotterdam is also home to the Dutch Photography Museum, right next to the LantarenVenster.


Of course, you can't be in Bruges and not do the In Bruges film location walking tour kindly plotted by Discovering Belgium. Here's my twitter thread of my trip to Bruges.

And if you are in Bruges and are looking for an unusual museum/cafe/bar then do check out Retsin's Lucifernum. There are the odd film items amongst the weird and wonderful collection that fills this Gothic Mansion Musuem.

& the cruise ship itself? Yes, more cinemas. Where I caught up with The Peanuts Movie!

Cheers, and here's to my next visit to a new town or city and more film and cinema discoveries!


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