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Cinemas Near Me: Islington

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Continuing my chronicle of cinematic adventures in London on Wednesday 28 June...

Having booked an afternoon guided walking tour, I was keeping an eye out for an early evening activity when I spotted a tweet from Nigel Smith that he had walking tours looking at Cinemas in Islington running on various days in June and July. Lucky for me one of those dates was Wednesday 28 June. So after an afternoon in North West London I jumped on a tube to Angel.

Islington's Big Screens - a cinematic walking tour was a two-hour walk around Islington exploring over 100 years of cinemagoing, and seeing and hearing about cinemas both living and lost. Lots of great insights into how and where we've watched films over the years, and sadly how many gorgeous theatres and cinemas have been destroyed or adapted.

I'm only going to include a few photos here, as I don't want to share all of Nigel's research. I would certainly recommend his tours for those interested in cinema and theatre history and architecture.

The Screen on the Green on Upper Street, the only cinema in the Everyman chain not to have Everyman in its name. And the fomer Electric Theatre just a few shops away. FYI, the Electric is not the only former cinema in Islington to now be a coffee shop - you'll have to join Nigel's tour to find out more!

On the other side of the Green, Waterstones now occupies the former Collins' Music Hall which had 10 bars!

Enjoying a drink and something to eat has long been linked with going to the theatre and cinema. But I'm not sure about the whole eating a meal whilst watching a film experience. I will have to try it sometime, and the new Odeon Luxe and Dine on Esther Anne Place, Islington may well be the perfect place to try it out. Read more about the Luxe & Dine experience.

The grand finale of the walking tour found us on the Essex Road, marvelling at the Egyptian inspired facade of the former ABC aka Carlton, now a Gracepoint church.

Can highly recommend Nigel Smith's Guided Walking Tours, he was an engaging and informed guide and the walk was well paced. Looking forward to doing Acton's Lost Cinemas at some point.


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