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Encore 1984: A Yearlong Journey Through Films, Theatre, and More!

Updated: Jan 1

I'm gearing up for my most ambitious viewing project yet: revisiting all the live performances and films I experienced at the cinema back in 1984. Thanks to a meticulous record-keeping tradition started by my parents and continued by me, I have a comprehensive list of theatre, circus, and cinema visits dating back to my very first, Disney on Parade at Wembley on August 16, 1972.

For 2024, I'm challenging myself to re-experience all 51 visits from 1984 - an achievable feat, I hope! This particular year holds significance as it marked my transition from 13 to 14, navigating the journey from childhood to adolescence. The lineup includes outings with my younger brother to family-friendly films like The Sword in the Stone and Greystoke, the Legend of Tarzan, as well as my first 15-certificate film, Educating Rita. Alongside these, there are stage performances ranging from Pantos and Musicals to Comedies and the Circus, reflecting my diverse interests.

Tracking down and watching the films, though mostly done at home, might also involve seeking out 40th-anniversary screenings in cinemas - a bonus if feasible. However, the real challenge lies in revisiting the 21 live performances. Encouragingly, the Richmond Theatre's 2024 panto is once again Dick Whittington, aligning perfectly with my endeavor (a good omen!). And Andrew Lloyd Webber's revival of Starlight Express adds another piece to the puzzle.

To accomplish the latter, I've outlined four strategies:

  1. Finding a live production

  2. Seeing whatever is on at that theatre now (budget permitting) & 3 or 4

  3. Watching a film version

  4. And as a last resort, watching recorded performance on platforms like YouTube.

For musicals, I also aim to listen to the album too!

Here's where I need your assistance. If you happen to know of any live productions around the specified dates, regardless of whether they are professional, amateur, or student productions, please do let me know. I'm ready to venture across London and the South East to make this journey a reality. Follow my adventures on X using the hashtag #OTD1984EllenSaw.

Here's a table of the 21 live performances...

And here's the list of films...

The Sword in the Stone

Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eeyore


To Be of Not to Be



The Lady and the Tramp

Educating Rita

Terms of Endearment

Educating Rita

The Dresser

Against All Odds


La Traviata (film)

Mr Mum





Star Wars - Empire - Return



Romancing the Stone

The Karate Kid

101 Dalmations


Caravan of Courage


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