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Nights at the Circus: Circus Wonderland, Bognor Regis

When the circus pitches up at the end of your road it would be churlish not to go. And go I did for the first performance of its five day run at West Park, Bognor Regis. continuing its tour across England until October. Full tour details for Circus Wonderland's 2023 tour.

Here are a few snaps and thoughts ...

John McWilliams's sash and trapeze routines were impressive in their control and complexity, whilst Cheyenne's (one half of Duo Folco) second act trapeze left us amazed as she swung from one side of the big top to the other, before thrilling tumbles left us breathless let alone Cheyenne!

The Larbi Troupe of acrobats from Morocco displayed agility, humour, strength and skill - but above all TRUST. Something I find most moving when I see a circus act of this kind as each has their vital part to play in a fast moving act. There's always frisson of fear & fascination when there's fire, and two acts integrated fire into their act. Below as part of Duo Falco's whip and wheels of fire routine. They were briefly joined by Conner Freeman who returned later for his solo juggling act (see below) which also incorporated fire.

Adriano and Cheynne (Duo Falco) borrowed popular DC IP as they donned the costumes and personas of The Joker and Harley Quinn for their edgy Hans Moretti Sword Box trick and a second suspended disappearing act.

Chico, the clown, employed a lot of effective audience participation and clearly had the uncanny knack of picking both kids and often initially reluctant adults to take part in his comic shtick. The boxing ring required 5 'volunteers' for a fairly lengthy but entertaining skit. But given that there are only 10 performers performing multiple roles both in and out of the ring, they could probably do with a short break. They are supported by a further 4 behind the scenes/front of house peeps.

The show was hosted by Miss Imogene who also performed a high-flying umbrella act.

But the highlight, for me, was juggler Conner Freeman, who had a really offbeat/charming energy. Loved both his choice of music and his deft and potentially deathly choice of items to juggle - Live and Let Die being an apt musical accompaniment.

And yes, I was seduced by one of the light up spinners. A fabulous souvenir...


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