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Nights at the Circus: Zippos, Colindale

I do love a circus, and Zippos Circus is one of the best…

Here are a few snaps from my night at the circus at Montrose Park, Colindale on Monday 22 May 2023.

Paulo Dos Santos was an incredibly charismatic ringmaster and acrobat, doubling up as sidekick in some of Whimmie Walker's clown routines (which were funny!)

Two multi-skilled acrobat troupes, the Temujin Troupe from Mongolia and the Kenyan Timbuktu Tumblers, performed their own specialties and also worked together - very effective.

Ludvick and Ibrahim demonstrated what the human body can do when you really work at developing your abdominal core strength!

Whilst Jackie gracefully and daringly swung across the roof of the big top on the trapeze.

Perhaps even more daringly, you can also spot Jackie in the middle of the Wheel of Death act from Columbia, with motorcycles spinning around her.

There were many more wondrous acts from around the world. And no photo can capture the wonderful mix for sounds, smells and sights - you need to be there!

Find out where Zippos 2023 show, Nomads is performing near you.


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