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#52FilmsbyWomen - 2nd year of films Directed by Women

Updated: May 5, 2023

In January 2016 I pledged to watch #52FilmsbyWomen, as the end of the year approached I had to cram in extra film screenings to meet my quota.

Over that first year, I discovered many new names to add to the growing list of film directors to watch out for. So, I decided to continue this pledge in 2017, my New Year's Day viewing was a documentary on the film director Antonia Bird, directed by Susan Kemp.

52 films followed, and this year I finished 3 months ahead of schedule!

Similar to last year, sadly very few were seen on release in a cinema.

Only two: Wonder Woman and Their Finest.

My Top Five were:

Prevenge (2017) Alice Lowe

The Edge of Seventeen (2016) Kelly Fremon Craig

The Arbor (2010) Clio Barnard

Into the Forest (2016) Patricia Rozema

The Grub-Stake (1923) Nell Shipman

For those that are new to silent cinema.

Yes, women directed movies then!

Sadly, more women were working creatively behind the camera in first thirty years of filmmaking, than in the last thirty years.

And Nell Shipman is amazing! She wrote, directed, starred, did her stunts, produced, distributed, her films. There are only a few, but they're worth checking out.

If you want to know more about Nell Shipman and women working in silent cinema check out Silent Women: Pioneers of Cinema.

104. Aquamarine (200) Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum

103. The Lure (2015) Agnieszka Smoczyńska

102. Prevenge (2017) Alice Lowe

101. The Love Witch (2017) Anna Biller

100. The Midnight Swim (2014) Sarah Adina Smith

99. Ava's Impossible Things (2016) Marina Rice Bader

98. Merrily We Go To Hell (1932) Dorothy Arzner

97. Adore (2013) Anne Fontaine

96. All She Wishes (2015) Letia Clouston

95. Flirting with Madness (2015) Christine Conradt

94. Jig (2011) Sue Bourne

93. For Ellen (2012) So Yong Kim

92. Dance Girl Dance (1940) Dorothy Arzner

91. Secrets of My Stepdaughter (2017) Jem Gerrard

90. The Edge of Seventeen (2016) Kelly Fremon Craig

89. River of Grass (1994) Kelly Reichardt

88. Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) Amy Heckerling

87. Ellen (2016) Mahalia Belo

86. The Prince and Me (2004) Martha Coolidge

85. I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007) Amy Heckerling

84. Vamps (2012) Amy Heckerling

83. Girl Asleep (2015) Rosemary Myers

82. Margaret Tait Selected Films 1952-1976DVD of her experimental films curated by @ScottishScreen

81. Anatomy of a Love Seen (2014) Marina Rice Bader

80. Introducing Dorothy Dandridge (1999) Martha Coolidge

79. Always Shine (2016) Sophia Takal

78. Wonder Woman (2017) Patty Jenkins

77. Obit (2016) Vanessa Gould

76. 20,000 Days on Earth (2014) Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard

75. The Arbor (2010) Clio Barnard

74. Into the Forest (2016) Patricia Rozema

73. Their Finest (2017) Lone Scherfig

72. The Last Dance (aka Sticky Notes) (2016) Amanda Sharp

71. Kit Kittredge: An American Girl (2008) Patricia Rozema

70. Together (1956) Lorenza Mazzetti

69. The Grub-Stake (1923) Nell Shipman

68. Ithaca (2015 Meg Ryan

67. The Proposal (2009) Anne Fletcher

66. Prodigal Sons (2010) Kimberly Reed

65. Ratcatcher (1999) Lynne Ramsay

64. Queen of Katwe (2016) Mira Nair 63. Love Is All You Need (2016) Kim Rocco Shields 62. To Walk Invisible (2016) Sally Wainwright 61. The Diary of a Teenage Girl (2015) Marielle Heller 60. The Hamburg Cell (2004) Antonia Bird 59. Baise-Moi (2000) Virginie Despentes & Coralie Trinh Thi 58. Where Are My Children? (1916) Lois Weber 57. Unbroken (2015) Angelina Jolie 56. Song One (2014) Kate Barker-Froyland 55. Fanny and Elvis (1999) Kay Mellor 54. Outrage (1950) Ida Lupino 53. Antonia Bird: From Eastenders to Hollywood (2016) Susan Kemp

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