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Jane Campion - 25th Anniversary

Updated: May 5, 2023

2018 saw the publication of my book In the Scene: Jane Campion (Supernova Books/Aurora Metro, 2018).

A book that has been 25 years in the making, since I first saw The Piano on its original release in 1993. At that time I tracked down her previous films An Angel at My Table and Sweetie, and eagerly awaited her new releases.

In 2000 when I was asked to write a book on Jane Campion for Pocket Essentials, I jumped at the chance and went in search of more difficult to find (especially then) early short films. It was the first book published about Jane Campion.

The book was published and then went out of print. Campion then went quiet for 5 or 6 years and then came back with a surprising new lease of creative work with Bright Star and the Top of the Lake TV series.

Time to revisit her life and work. 17 years on from the original book I was able to track all but two of her early works, and the book was published earlier this year by Supernova Books, who have a specialism in non-fiction books about creative women.

This year was also the 25th Anniversary of the Piano, and a new 4k restoration print was in cinemas. I travelled the country doing introductions and Q&As, thank you to Phoenix Cinema East Finchley, Chichester Cinema at New Park, Saffron Screen, Falmouth Poly and Southampton Film Week for screening the film, and hosting an introduction.

The Introduction and Q&A at Falmouth Poly was recorded for The Cinematologists podcast - listen here.

I can also be heard briefly talking about Sweetie on BBC Radio 4's Film Programme: Moving Image - listen here.

And I wrote a column on Jane Campion's homages to silent film in July 2018's Sight and Sound.

Do get in touch if you'd like me to give a talk on Jane Campion, or on any other specialisms, see list of talk topics.

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