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Cinemas Near Me: Birmingham

Updated: May 26, 2023

A last minute change of plans of what to do during my day trip from the South Coast to Birmingham (yes I know it's 174 miles!) led me to my fall-back filling-a-day in a new city with the trusted "Cinemas Near Me" trick. Leading me to find 4 "living" cinemas and 2 "lost" cinemas, plus some other film related finds en route. The trip to the film-infused exhibition at the Ikon Gallery was planned.

These lovely cards are by

The film-infused exhibtion at the Ikon Gallery was Horror in the Modernist Block, featuring the work of 20 artists exploring architectural modernism and horror.

Whilst walking through the city I spied eight of these shadow art works courtesy of Castle Fine Art.

For all your comic book and film geeky needs you must make a trip to Worlds Apart, the oldest comic book shop in England.

If you're into theatre buildings, they have a few of those too!

There were other cinemas and theatres I could have hunted down, but I also found a massive branch of CEX, where amongst other physical media releases I picked up Arrow's Cinema of Conflict: Krzysztof Kieślowski boxset.

A good, if not quite as planned, day in Birmingham.


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