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Cinemas Near Me: Gerrards Cross

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Visiting Gerrards Cross to deliver a study day as part of the Gerrards Cross Summer School. A free evening and the lure of a new cinema brought me to the Everyman Gerrards Cross. It's a lovely looking cinema, but despite the sign, Elvis not showing. So, sadly didn't see inside as didn't fancy any of the other films on. Especially as 5 times the ticket price of my local!

I also popped by St James's Church to say hello and thanks to one of my fave film actors, Margaret Rutherford. I especially enjoy her four Miss Marple films which also feature her husband, Stringer Davis. They lived in Gerrards Cross and are now buried together.

And, yes, I do have a Margaret Rutherford clip lined up for my study day! From a film that is also a love letter to cinema, The Smallest Show on Earth (1957). You can watch the full movie here...


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