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Cinemas Near Me: Harrow and Burnt Oak

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

This week I was in London for a couple of days for meetings in Harrow and Burnt Oak. On both days my post-meeting bus stop was opposite a "lost" cinema.

Day 1: Harrow

The former ABC (now Gold's Gym) in Harrow

Whilst in Harrow we went to lunch next to the sparkly Vue Cinema.

And temptingly as I left Harrow for my next meeting in Colindale (no cinemas spotted there!) the bus announced that the next stop would be Safari Cinema. I can only assume, from this news article, that it's behind the scaffolding. Looks like its future will be mixed to positive. But, I'll defintely need to try and get another meeting in Harrow!

Day 2: Burnt Oak


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