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Cinemas Near Me: Slindon, West Sussex

Once a month the village hall in the sleepy Sussex village of Slindon gets a Hollywood makeover when it is transformed into Slindon Cinema, screening classic films on 35 mm film.

This mini dream palace was a labour of love for student Joe Cornick who, for an A Level Film project, brought the projection box in the Coronation Hall back to use. The box was built in the 1930s but no projector was ever installed. Well, there's one there now and they are currently screening via 35mm only films from the Sight & Sound Greatest Film Poll. January 2022's film was Apocalypse Now which fell on my Mum's birthday and given that it is one of her top 3 films seemed like the perfect birthday event.

There's something very special about seeing Apocalypse Now on a big screen via the original 35mm print on load from the BFI.


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