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Join me for Excellent Adventures

I've started a podcast with two friends, James Clarke and Paul Tonks, check out Excellent Adventures: The Time Travel Movie Podcast on Podbean.

Spend time with us!

Join Hosts Ellen Cheshire, James Clarke and Paul Tonks, as they step into the fascinating world of time travel in the movies with Excellent Adventures: The Time Travel Movie Podcast. There'll be in-depth analysis of feature films, alongside shorter mini-adventures exploring all things timey-wimey.

Each main episode will feature a discussion on the film's plot, production and historical contexts, its twists, paradoxes, and scientific concepts. The bite-sized mini-adventures will be a mix of interviews, reviews, essays where we can venture into the wider world of time related storytelling.


ExcellentAdventures89 (on instagram)


Wanna get involved? Email

Get in touch if you'd like to be a guest on one of our mini adventures, or would like us to review your time travel related movie, TV show, book etc.  Also we'd love to join you on your podcasts!


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